How do you get your apps to the cloud faster?

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Analyze Application Source Code for Cloud Optimization

The Fastest Way to Optimize Applications for the Cloud

PaaSLane analyzes application code to ensure cloud readiness and accelerate application migrations. In minutes, PaaSLane automatically spots hundreds of issues in Java and C#/.NET applications, delivering a prioritized roadmap for optimizing an application for the cloud. With PaaSLane, you can be sure that your applications are cloud ready while reducing or eliminating manual code reviews.

With PaaSLane you can:

  • Automatically find the best ways to optimize your application for the cloud
  • Accelerate cloud development and boost developer productivity
  • Continuously optimize your application for constantly-evolving cloud platforms
  • Find quick wins and prioritize scarce engineering resources

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Cloud Conformance Rating

Cloud Readiness at a Glance

PaaSLane provides an at-a-glance view of cloud readiness for your Java and C#/.NET applications. In just a few minutes, PaaSLane profiles your application and produces a Cloud Conformance Rating, giving you an instant cloud readiness score: a single number that factors in the number and severity of alerts as well as the estimated effort to resolve them. The Cloud Conformance Rating also gives you a simple way to compare the cloud readiness of multiple applications in your portfolio, identify trouble spots, and find immediate opportunities for migration.

Accelerate Application Migrations

PaaSLane puts your application migration projects on the fast track. Reduce the time spent on manually reviewing code by 80% by using PaaSLane to quickly identify problem areas and optimizations. Less manual work also means less chances to miss critical issues that could cause performance degradation or even outright failure in your cloud environment. Don’t wait for problems to occur after go-live; PaaSLane gives you the confidence to migrate quickly and safely.

Effort Estimation Summary

PaaSLane Issue Burndown

Keep Applications Optimized for the Cloud

Cloud services move fast. Amazon Web Services introduced over 250 new features and services in 2013 alone. For application architects and developers, just keeping abreast of these changes can be a serious drain on productivity. In fact, a typical enterprise developer can spend over 20% of their time on platform-related maintenance and optimization, compared with managing applications on traditional enterprise platforms. Continuous optimization with PaaSLane dramatically lowers this burden.

We are constantly working with cloud vendors to track cloud platform changes and find new ways to optimize applications. With PaaSLane integrated into your software development process, you can automatically check every build for cloud readiness, and track cloud optimization progress over time.

Comprehensive Reporting, Down to the Line of Code

PaaSLane provides a powerful, intuitive interface to browse through profiling results. Get a comprehensive top-down view of the cloud readiness of your application, with the ability to quickly drill down to the details of each specific issue–right to the line of code. With just a few clicks you can create a comprehensive report, with alerts sorted by severity, category, and module, giving your engineers a roadmap to which resources and lines of code need to be addressed to resolve each issue, along with suggested remediations.

PaaSLane Alerts and Line of Code


Deep Cloud Expertise, Delivered in Your Browser

PaaSLane automatically evaluates your application using hundreds of rules based on the deep expertise and real-world experience of our cloud application experts who have migrated thousands of applications for some of the world’s largest companies. Our research team works closely with cloud vendors to ensure PaaSLane’s rules are updated every time your cloud platform changes or a new feature is deployed.

And we don’t just point out the problems–we provide the solutions. In minutes, PaaSLane delivers detailed remediations for each issue found, saving you time and money.