PaaSLane for AWS

PaaSLane for AWS

Make Your Application Sing on AWS

PaaSLane analyzes application code to ensure cloud readiness and accelerate application migration.  In minutes, PaaSLane automatically spots hundreds of issues in Java and .NET applications,  delivering a prioritized roadmap for optimizing an application for AWS.  With PaaSLane, you can be sure that your applications are cloud ready while reducing or eliminating manual code reviews.

With PaaSLane you can:

  • Automatically find the best ways to optimize your application for AWS
  • Learn the best ways to leverage native AWS services
  • Accelerate cloud development and boost developer productivity
  • Continuously optimize your application for new features and capabilities in AWS
  • Find quick wins and prioritize scarce engineering resources

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Keeping Up with AWS

In 2013, Amazon Web Services deployed an average of 4 new features or services every single week.  This pace of evolution in cloud services–and AWS in particular–presents a unique challenge for any engineering team.  PaaSLane can help your team meet this challenge by providing up-to-the-minute intelligence on changes to AWS, and how those changes will affect your application.    This kind of deep, context-sensitive information enhances developer productivity and ensures your applications are continuously optimized for AWS.

Detect Over 50 AWS Issues with Specific Remediations

PaaSLane for AWS is designed specifically for optimizing applications on the AWS platform.  Specialized rules detect issues that could harm compatibility, security, scalability or performance on AWS, providing you with line-of-code detail on each issue.  PaaSLane for AWS also offers detailed remediations to show you how to best optimize or migrate your application.

Wondering how long it will take you to optimize your application for AWS?  PaaSLane delivers development time estimates for every issue, making it much easier to plan the migrations of mission-critical applications.



Cloud Readiness at a Glance

PaaSLane tells you at-a-glance how optimized your application is for AWS. In just a few minutes, PaaSLane profiles your application and produces a Cloud Conformance Rating, giving you an instant cloud readiness score: a single number that factors in the number and severity of alerts as well as the estimated effort to resolve them.  The Cloud Conformance Rating also gives you a simple way to compare multiple applications and identify trouble spots and low-hanging fruit for migrations in your application portfolio.

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