PaaSLane 2.0, Letting Applications Take Advantage of Cloud

  Posted on Monday, September 15th, 2014 by Benjamin Grubin

PaaSLane from Cloud Technology Partners is a tool that greatly facilitates the process of migrating an application to the cloud by comparing its source code to known safe best practice. It claims a 25% enhancement in migration time. We suspect that in many cases this will easily be achieved, plus PaaSLane removes a lot of uncertainty.

Don’t be confused by the “PaaS” in PaaSLane. It doesn’t refer to a Platform as a Service. PaaSLane is primarily targeted at IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) migrations to Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, etc. We posted about PaaSLane 1 at a point when it was just starting to get customer adoption. Customer feedback has led to a significant number of enhancements in the product, as well as to a clearer understanding of its role in the application migration lifecycle.

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