PaaSLane 2.5 optimizes Java and .NET apps for the cloud

Cloud Technology Partners has long offered tools and services to help mid-market companies and enterprises integrate and migrate applications into cloud...

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End of the road for Windows 2003 Server: Are you ready?

Most of you already know (according to this survey) that the end is near for Windows Server 2003.  While Microsoft has a long history of both forwards and backwards...

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Modernizing and Optimizing Applications in the Cloud Era

Existing application modernization strategies don’t fit the new world of cloud computing. Even when developing new applications from scratch, engineering...

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What is PaaSLane?

PaaSLane is a static code analyzer for modernizing and optimizing applications. When modernizing existing code, PaaSLane can help to make your application be more performant, more secure, and easier to maintain. When developing new cloud applications, PaaSLane helps ensure optimal performance and scalability in the most popular public and private cloud platforms. PaaSLane automatically spots hundreds of potential issues and optimizations in your source code, giving you detailed examples and suggesting remediations to enhance developer productivity.

Choose from two editions:

PaaSLane-Assess   PaaSLane-Optimize

 PaaSLane Assess is a fast and easy way to understand the current state of a single application or an entire portfolio of applications. Discover issues that could impact a cloud migration, or that may be compromising performance, scalability, or security.

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PaaSLane Optimize provides the support your development team needs to develop better, faster, more cloud-ready code.   Guide developers with best practices and techniques for optimizing their code to take advantage of modern design principles and cloud platforms.

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“Looking through 100,000 lines of code to identify what needs to change is hard. It’s easy to get lost and waste time.  PaaSLane automated the process, cutting months off of our cloud migration.”

VP, Architecture, Large Commercial Bank